There is no one perfect place for where to position a radiator in your room and it is really down to a few things that are governed by you and the things that you encounter on the job.

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="225"]Position a radiator where the spaceis available for the style. Position your radiator where your style and space will allow.[/caption]

Firstly you need to decide where is the best place for you to position a radiator according to the location of your furniture and what suits you best.

Then it is a question of working out the BTU or Watts that you require to heat the room. Do you need one or two radiators or if it is an open plan kitchen diner then you may want three all offering a slightly different feature or not as the case may be. The next thing to establish is what style you want and what type of room it is being used for.

If it is a hall the decisions are based on narrow areas and cold possibly draughty areas but you may want to make a statement with a really   amazing raw metal radiator that is great for well used areas because it stays clean and is more resistant to fading and scratching. So depending on the room and the radiator that you choose there will be lots of choices available to suit all tastes.

[caption id="" align="alignright" width="300"]Radiators come in lots of orientations, height and widths allowing for most positions. Radiators come in lots of orientations, height and widths allowing for most positions.[/caption]

Ok so now you have your dream radiator that is going to heat your room perfectly look great and make you neighbours jealous, the next thing is make sure that it is physically possible and do not forget the valves. This is where you may need to get handy and look at what is their at the moment with regard to pipework and heat source. Also if you have sanded or fitted wood flooring how are you going to get the pipework to the new radiator.

Radiators and the way they are fitted has changed and the outputs, sizes and variety is now a lot larger than the original single panel radiator.

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="150"]Single panel radiators used to be all there was to choose. Single panel radiators used to be all there was to choose.[/caption]

Here at Columnrads we offer vertical tubular steel radiators that are becoming such a popular item now in the UK because they take advantage of narrow high spaces were radiators before just could not fit.

So whether it is an new install or an exchange to an existing make sure you spend a bit of time on the selection and if you are unsure give us a call, it is what we are good at.