It is definitely the time of year to look at changing that radiator in your house. It could be old, rusty, nasty and dated and you may want to upgrade to a more modern radiator like a column radiator or towel rail if it is for the bathroom.

There are a number of things that you diligently need to do when replacing your radiators at home. Be prepared is the main objective is get everything ready before you start.

  1. Measure the actual radiator you have to change not the radiator plus valves.
  2. Decide what style you want to go for.
  3. Make sure it is suitable for its environment and it is going to give you enough heat. Our great Online Radiator Calculator is a great tool to check size, type and output.
  4. Before you start the job make sure you have all the necessary tools and emergency equipment to hand if all things go wrong.
  5. Also have to hand a large and small bucket, old towels and the correct spanners and wrenches.
  6. Make sure you urn the boiler off as if you are draining down then this is a big issue and could affect the boiler catastrophically.
  7. Shut the radiator valves off on the radiator that you want to change.
  8. Use the manufacturer’s instructions where possible and we have all the downloadable sheets that can be requested by email.
  9. Once the radiator is successfully installed and you happy make sure that you re-dose the system correctly with Fernox F1 500ml inhibitor.

The amount of DIY is decreasing in the UK and there is a trend to not even attempt to fix the problems in your house. The internet contains lots of informational videos and step by step guides which are ideal to info you before you try. You never know you it might actually be a lot more simpler than you think.

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