Radiator thermostats and top tips for using them.

Do you have radiator thefmostats ? Things have changed over the last few years in the heating industry and radiators have always been intrinsic to the heating system but the way we use them and control them is ever more important.

Previously, big was best. This led to a massive over sizing of radiators, and a fit to size mentality meant if you had a free wall space you filled it with a radiator.

With the increase in fuel bills and energy consumption the requirement of making our homes smarter has seen more economical choices in sizes. Also how we control the radiator.

So it is not only the whole system that you can control but also the individual radiators and how they operate in a room depending upon the rooms usage.

Our habits have changed and the living room is not necessarily the main room in the house anymore as we have seen the kitchen becoming far more popular. Our reliance on the heating system has also increased because people are more used to having heating and taking it for granted in its ability to provide comfort.

The pressure on consumption has meant the introduction of thermostatic radiator and this is now a requirement of part L compliance and good building practice. This allows the homeowner to control the temperature of each radiator in each room.

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="107"]Radiator Thermostat A typical radiator thermostat[/caption]

Why this is important and what can be achieved from using your radiator thermostats if you have them.

Here are the top tips for using your radiator thermostats.

  • Set the temperature low in the room when you are leaving for work
  • Adjust the temperature down before you go to bed
  • Place them in a frost setting or lowest setting when you go on holiday
  • Do not cover them with curtains or furniture
  • Make sure the system is balanced and the correct temperature differential across each radiator on the system
  • They are fitted on the flow as this will give the best results

If you do not have thermostats on your radiators then get some straight away and there are ranges to suit all budgets and style of radiators. It will save you money and make your heating system, if fitted correctly, much more economical and save you money on your heating bills.