Things to Consider When Buying The Right Radiator For The Living Room provides 30 years of experience in both the plumbing and central heating business.  With summer swiftly coming to a close, many homeowners could see the value in upgrading their heating systems before another freezing winter.  We offer a variety of different heating systems, along with other necessary items such as thermostatic and radiator valves.  Our user-friendly website has a number of categories that can help any consumer narrow down their search for radiators by room, type, etc.  One such category includes radiators available for the living room.

It can be difficult to choose the right type of heater for a living room as the size of the room varies from home to home.  As a prospective consumer, price is always an issue, which is why narrowing down your search is a vital aspect in the buying process.  Furthermore, how the radiator fits into the aesthetic of a buyer’s home also plays a role in the decision making process.  Our collection includes horizontal and vertical radiators in an assortment of colours and sizes.  In addition, there are a number of different designs for the radiators; for example, they offer a choice between two or three column radiators.

As a consumer you have to be aware of the amount of space you are trying to heat.  Choosing the right size heater for your living room will not only save you money, but generally be more comfortable.  Choosing the material the radiator is made out of is another element to the decision making process.  For example, steel is usually the cheapest option, while cast iron is more of the traditional choice.  Your design choice will also likely play a role in this decision.  Some of the other material choices include stone, glass, or aluminum too.

Columnrads works alongside a number of leading brand name companies such as Evolve, Revive, and The Gold Range.  All at the same time, they are able to provide top of the line heating systems for an affordable price.  In particular, there are great deals for living room radiators from Revive.  For example, we are offering a 2257 BTU Revive two column radiator (1200h x 398w) for just £89.  Or we also have a current offer on a three column radiator (450h x 1502w) which boasts 5110 BTU.

Educating yourself on the different types of heaters, along with knowing the right amount of BTU for the given space will make the buying process much easier. Use our BTU Radiator Calculator to help you decide what’s best for you.