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  1. Clogged Radiator: Signs That Your Radiator is Clogged and How to Fix It

    Clogged Radiator: Signs That Your Radiator is Clogged and How to Fix It

    If your radiator fails to heat up the cause is usually a clog of rust or sludge either in the unit itself or in the central heating circuit. Another common sign of blockage is uneven heating up of the unit, with most warmth collecting at the top while the bottom remains cold. We Have All the Radiator Supplies You Need...
  2. Bedroom Radiators that Save Space

    Bedroom radiators used to be more for their functional purpose rather than for looks, however that has changed in recent years, as an array of stylish designer radiators have been made available. Also, these have to be durable in a different way. It is likely that you use your bedroom radiator only at nights, but for the entire night at a time...
  3. ColumnRads Receives Feefo Gold Rating

    ColumnRads Receives Feefo Gold Rating

    Here at ColumnRads, we aim to provide the best prices on the best products in the central heating and radiator market, as well as a strong level of customer service. As a result, we use Feefo to help users and customers provide feedback on our products and performance. And for the 2nd straight year, we have received the Feefo Gold Trusted...
  4. Column Radiators Happy Customers

    Column Radiators Happy Customers

    Here at Column Rads UK, We love it when a customer is happy, we love it even more when a customer takes the time to send us pictures of their beautiful radiators fitted and in place. Not only do we get the warm glowing feeling that our products are as good as we say they are, but our future customers...

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