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  1. Common Radiator Problems.

    Common Radiator Problems.

    What are common radiator problems and how do I fix them?   Like all heating products, if radiators aren’t maintained regularly, they can develop some issues. The good news is that to fix common radiator problems, you probably won't need to be a professional. Some common problems with your radiator or radiator valves are usually much easier to remedy than...
  2. How do you measure radiators size?

    How do you measure radiators size?

    How do you measure a radiators size? A radiators size used to be dictated by the width and height of the window. Here in the UK the seasons are definitely changing and there is not really the defined winter and summer periods that the older generations remember. This could be a phase or nostalgia but the weather is un-predictable and...
  3. Raw metal lacquered column radiators

    Raw, urban and stylish, these column radiators are not painted, but the steel and welds are cleaned and then lacquered to protect the finish from tarnishing giving a unique look that will fit in any property and give it an edge. Raw metal column radiators are available as both horizontal and vertical variants. The colour is Raw steel, with the welds cleaned up...

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