Step back in time – How to style 70’s home décor


Sure, some of us might not be old enough to remember the 70’s but we all know the iconic style and fashion of the decade. Some elements of it are probably best left in the past but some of the best retro bits have made a big resurgence in home décor this year. We’re going to give you some tips on how you can add one of the hottest trends of the year into your home's interior design. Take some vintage-inspired inspiration from the era and classic 70’s style. Here's our tips on How to style 70’s home décor.


Traffic Orange Column RadiatorTraffic Orange Column Radiator


Totally Psychedelic!

It may come as no surprise that orange is one of the biggest trends from this vintage style. Orange encapsulated the period with its bold and psychedelic nature, with wallpapers, shag carpets, egg shaped chairs, throw pillows, wall art, cushions and more. All showing a variety of shades and often all at the same time. Pinks, yellows, oranges and browns thrown together in a massive swirl of colour. However, if the thought full on psychedelia isn’t for you, then there are lots of ways you can incorporate this style without feeling nauseous. Think about the different shades. Perhaps something like a soft coral or salmon colour would fit better in your home than a bolder, more crimson shade. You can also introduce the colour subtly through accessories and decorations like prints or dried flowers. Another fantastic way to add a pop of bold colour is with our coloured radiators. Our traffic orange radiators looks great against lighter, softer tones, making it hugely versatile, It can be the perfect way to add a bit of spice to your home for the 70’s vibe.


Clashing patterns

We all remember that one person who had a 70’s hangover in their home décor. Textured wallpaper, clashing features, upholstery, and patterned carpeting all at the same time can give some of us a headache, but it was the height of chic in 1976. When it comes to interior design trends, clashing patterns and geometric shapes have made a bit of a comeback. As always, you can indulge in this trend as much as your eyes can take. If you’d like a bold print, a feature wall is a wonderful way to do this without overwhelming the space. This DIY makeover in the living room adds some depth and can be matched with furniture. If you don’t want to commit to the clash, then add a patterned rug or bolder cushions for that retro style.


Rattan furniture 

You may have thought you’d never see the day, but rattan is back in the modern home and it’s back with a bang. Some of the chicest décor companies are creating beautiful rattan furniture for a variety of uses and rooms. If you want to introduce the trend slowly, then many stores have rattan accessories. Try adding lampshades, placemats and other smaller accessories that can give a relaxed vintage feel to any room. If you’re loving the trend, there are plenty of sideboards and dining room chairs to add some 70’s style. Rattan tends to be a muted beach tone. This making it hugely versatile and able to fit in perfectly with a variety of brighter or more neutral tones. However, it also works very well with black. You could work it in with our Jet Black finish column rads. Going a bit darker is something for you to consider in your décor choices.


Some of us might want to leave the 70’s behind. However, if you’re looking to add some vintage accents into your home, it’s a great decade to draw from. As always, if you’re looking for some home décor styling inspiration you can get some great ideas from our Pinterest or Instagram pages.