What do you do if you have a  radiator making loud noises?

Are you suffering from a radiator making loud noises? In most cases homeowners never really hear their heating system and generally take it for granted that it will come on and the rads will be hot. It all depends on the age of the system and the age of the property but a bit of creaking and groaning from the house is normally put down to things coming on, starting or heating up.

It is a bit like when we get old, things rattle and creak when they are cold and better when we are sitting next to a warm radiator. So there are lots of different noises that can occur on a system and not necessarily related to the heating circuit.

When you do get loud noises coming from your radiators it is a warning to investigate and maybe there is a load of air in the system, so the rads need venting or you have a loose pipe that is vibrating on a joist. Whatever it sounds like it often signifies you need a service on your boiler, rads and system.

As we are pressing towards winter this would be an ideal time to get a plumber booked and relay the issues. The build-up of sludge in a system can cause the efficiency to be greatly reduced and will corrode your rads and impact on your boiler.

The noises in rads are generally caused by air and the expansion of water as it heats. If you are constantly getting air in the system then you have a problem and it needs to be addressed as soon as possible.

Fernox TF1 Omega Filter 22mmThere are lots of products on the market now that are especially good at tackling noise, for instance Fernox F2 Boiler noise silencer which deals with scale and debris.  Fernox also offer a market leading Fernox TF1 Omega filter which takes the magnetite out of the system and stops poor efficiency.

A radiator making loud noises does not have to be an early morning wake up call, it can be sorted and fixed so you are just warm, not tired!