Worried about Radiator Leaks?

Are you considering having a radiator coloured and worried that powder coating will cause radiator leaks?

 The failing of a radiator or radiator leaks when being installed is now definitely a thing of the past for any new radiator.

All new radiators are factory tested to a very high tolerance and new testing processes secure its integrity as manufacturers are very conscious of their brand and reliability. In short it just does not really happen and faults occur generally with handling or installation.

Here at Columnrads we only source Revive radiators that are manufactured by the leading European manufacturer and offer an un-rivalled finish, performance and reliability.

 In all styles of radiators they need to be finished and in most cases this is done by an electrostatic powder coat that not only protects that radiator but is done in such a process that is all automated and on a conveyor belt.

The powder coat can be any colour and even transparent like in the Raw Metal radiators that have become pretty much one of the most popular rads we offer. All radiators need to be coated in order to stop surface rust as you cannot have a bare steel radiator exposed to the fluctuations of temperature and moisture.

 So the question of powder coating causing leaks is really not one to consider as actually the more powder coating on a radiator the better protected it is. It is a common cause of rust in all metals that are not coated and become exposed to the elements and radiators are not any different.

In all cases we only source from the best manufacturers and due to our high volume of sales on radiators it is critical that we do not experience problems and our excellent Feefo reviews are a testament to this.

We also offer a bespoke colouring option and this allows you too match a radiator to the colour you have in the room or a particular fancy colour that you may just want. In this process Revive have selected the best partner who can produce the finish that you want and turn around the end product in a very short period without compromising on quality.