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  1. 2016 Home Building and Renovating Award

    2016 Home Building and Renovating Award

    Revive Column Rads featured in nominee for 2016 Home Building and Renovating Award Located in the Somerset village of Pensford, these two 18th century Miner’s Cottages have recently undergone an immense renovation. Design Storey Architects, based in Bristol, set about restoring the cottages to reflect “the character and history of the building by conserving original features”. In the 1950’s these...
  2. Tips for using your radiator thermostats

    Tips for using your radiator thermostats

    Radiator thermostats and top tips for using them. Do you have radiator themostats ? Things have changed over the last few years in the heating industry and radiators have always been intrinsic to the heating system but the way we use them and control them is ever more important. Previously, big was best. This led to a massive over sizing...
  3. Best selling radiators

    Best selling radiators

    Columnrads – Our best selling radiators Multicolumn radiators or column rads for short are starting to become the best selling radiators and first choice in a lot of situations in the UK now. The normal panel or convector radiators are great and really do the job but if you are something a bit more substantial and cannot lose the rad...
  4. Radiator Colour Samples

    Radiator Colour Samples

    Looking to try a splash of colour, but not sure? Radiator colour samples or metal swatches are a little strip of metal that we colour just for you and are posted out directly so you can get a feel for what works best. The internet is a fantastic tool to do any research and although at Columnrads we do not...
  5. Radiator Designs for 2016

    Radiator Designs for 2016

    Which Radiator designs for 2016 will Warm you? So what will be hot in radiator designs for 2016?  With the changing styles in the home fashion market, we at Columnrads are always trying to adapt and change. We know what we are good at and this is column radiators. The style, shape and look of column radiators are just something that...
  6. Control Your Heating - A How To Guide

    Control Your Heating - A How To Guide

    With the ever increasing pressure on making your homes and life in general more efficient and less wasteful it is no wonder that there is loads of noise around how to control your heating. Also the fact that heating your home is becoming more expensive and wasting energy does not help the environment, the ways to control your heating are...