Radiator Protection for your investment.

Here at Columnrads we are all about making sure that we get the best quality products delivered direct to you at the best prices when you want them not when we have them. The difference we us is the fact that we call upon a huge stock of column rads, convector rads,  towel rails and radiator protection from here in the UK.

We are not waiting for shipments and different logistical problems, we have the stock right here and it is ready to be shipped.

We spend a lot of time making sure that we have the product that you want to buy and accept our limitations, because service and supply come first. Other sites may offer more designer rads but we know from experience column rads and the cores ranges of rads are the best options.

So after we sourced the stock and supplied your rad, so how do you look after it?

Well this takes us into our new section on the site which we will build increasingly, offering more content, how to and why areas to help you look after your great investment.

What is radiator protection and why is it necessary?

The central heating system is a in our case a wet one that fluctuates in temperature, pressure and acidity or alkalinity. It is the worst nightmare for anything metal unless you have protection.

We're sure you are aware, for metal to corrode it needs oxygen and this can easily be found in a system and is obviously contained within water.

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="150"]Radiator Protection Chemicals Adey System cleaner and Protector Rapid.[/caption]

The treatment of water is definitely necessary and it also can make your system more efficient and protect your boiler. There is also more than just chemicals, you can also use a filter that is left on the system like the Adey Magnaclean Pro2, a state of the art mechanism that continually monitors and maintains your system.

For all this and more check out our new Radiator Protection section here.

If you are looking for advice on radiator protection we can recommend the Video Guides from Adey.