Do you have cold and drafty rooms in your house that your family avoids spending any time in? Well, we have a solution. For the first time ever, Column Rads are stocking electric radiators. Electric radiators can sometimes have a less than favourable reputation, but they can be really efficient, useful and.. stylish?

That’s right. Our range of electric radiators not only heat efficiently but also look great too and can complement any style you’re looking for. You can even get them in different colours to suit your home. Electric radiators can have a bad reputation for being unsightly and bulky, but the electric heaters in our range are sleek, slimline and stylish. They can be used alongside your standard central heating system too, meaning you can keep running costs lower with more efficient heating if you just want to heat one room up and not the entire house.

Electric Radiators are Easy to Install

There’s a few other positives to electric radiators too, but one of the biggest is the ease of installation. Some electric radiators can be free standing but if you love a bit of DIY, these could be perfect for you. They’re easy to put on the wall and most just plug in to a standard socket. It could not be easier to add a bit of comfort and warmth to a previously unloved place.

This is also a great positive when you have limited space. If the thought of adding another radiator to your home isn’t massively appealing, electric radiators are the way to go. These designer radiators are sleek, come in a variety of widths and outputs and don’t have ugly pipes and valves that could get in the way. As long as you have access to a plug socket (or an electrician), there aren’t many restrictions on where these can be placed. Perfect for smaller or awkward shaped rooms with limited wall space.

Electric Radiators Are Low Maintenance

Also a plus, is that the maintenance of them is very low; great for peace of mind. This is especially handy for rooms that might not being used very often. They can be turned on when needed and left dormant when not. They don’t need servicing or regularly checking, and if they’re looked after well they should last a number of years, definitely worth the investment.

So if you’re looking to add a bit of comfort to your home but want easy installation and low maintenance, check out our electric radiator range. They’re perfect for turning a chilly space into a cosy one, quickly and affordably.