As the temperature is getting warmer and you have time over the holidays it is not a bad thing to update or upgrade your valves on your radiators. It is a easy way to save money and control the temperature of the room by fitting thermostatic valves if you do not already have them. This also means that you only need to change one side, (recommended on the flow into the radiator) as you only fit a thermostatic on one side. To be honest if you have isolated the radiator and drained down then it is probably best to buy a Twin Pack TRV set that comes complete with a radiator valve for the other side. When changing a radiator valve , make sure you take the tail out of the radiator which is done by using a radiator spanner. You can sometime uses the nuts and parts from the previous valves but it is not recommended as once an olive is crushed it is difficult to get a proper seal once re-used.

So you have decided to upgrade your radiator valves and have drained down the system! You now have a load of possibilities when it comes to valves and even radiators. If it is just the valves that you want to change then you can fit basic rad valves for really cheap prices or upgrade to full chrome valves. Check where the pipe comes from and whether you need straight or angled. Most towel rails enter into the bottom of radiator and require straight valves. Decide whether you want to control the heat in the room and if so look at the range of Evolve contract TRV’s or go for something a bit more decorative like the Evolve Wave or Elegance range that can offer different finishes to suit your room.

If you want to change the radiator entirely then look at a column radiator to make a feature and fit a Bentley range of rad valve that has such a choice in styles like the Gothic and Traditional and colours and finishes that will match any setting. The cost of changing a set of valves or fitting a new radiator has never been so cheap and with the expertise and confidence that Mr.Central Heating offers we are definitely a one stop shop for all your heating requirements.