Our Industrial Chic Home Decor Style Guide

So, we’ve nearly made it through 2020 and we’re all looking forward to a new year and a fresh start. If you’re considering revamping your home, one of the most popular home décor trends for 2021 is industrial chic. So, we thought we’d introduce to you some simple interior design ideas to get the look without breaking the bank with our industrial chic home decor style guide


What is an industrial style?

The industrial style is a frill and fuss free, no-nonsense décor style. It’s a very streamlined and effective way of bringing a modern aesthetic into your living space. It is believed to stem from early 20th century, shortly after the second industrial revolution. The key aspects are exposed brick walls, dark metals and textured woods which, when combined well, can create a minimal master piece. Think trendy New York loft/warehouses and very cool open spaces. The style can be great for those wishing to create more eco-friendly spaces. Often, industrial furniture and fittings are one of a kind pieces made from reclaimed materials. However, don’t be put off by how that all sounds. This industrial decor style is accessible to all. It can be quite flexible in its styling, take a little or take a lot and make it work for you.


Industrails Eddison light bulbs on concrete wall


Industrial Lighting

Industrial-style lighting rejects the fussier styles of lampshades and ornate fixings. Instead, it embraces exposed vintage Edison light bulbs and hanging fixtures. The look is meant to be very thrown together and simple. Yet, a couple of dark metal lamps or hanging light bulbs will give you the look with minimum effort. Softer lighting is also more apt to this trend. Comfortable and gentle lighting can work well with the softer tones in the wooden features in the room. You can get a range of different industrial lighting types, from exposed light fixtures, to pendant lights and industrial chandelier ceiling lights.


Vertical Raw Metal Rad - @Jodwood1980Picture Credit: @Jodwood1980


Industrial Furniture

The key feature with industrial style furniture is the combination of metal and wood to look modern but effortless. Luckily, as the industrial design style is currently very popular, this combination in furniture is readily available. If you don’t want your whole home to feel like an early 20th century warehouse, then the style can work particularly well in dining rooms and kitchens. Their utilitarian aspects compliment the clean lines and unfussy nature of this décor. Think bar stools, cool metal frame shelving and industrial dining tables.


Vertical Raw Metal Rad - @Jobentley4 - ColumnradsPicture Credit: @jobentley4


Alternatively, the industrial interior look can work well in a living room. For example, you can get industrial bookcases, pipe shelves, floor lamps, and coffee tables all in industrial, steampunk and vintage styles to suit your own individual tastes. However, there are no rules with home decorating, you can mix and match styles as much as you want. If you find the darker metals too harsh, then look for softer gun metal grey, copper or brass. You can even add throws, cushions and blankets to soften it slightly or add plants to lighten up the space.


Industrial Style Radiators and Accessories at Column Rads

Of course, Column Rads is always looking out for the latest trends and how we can provide you with functional and beautiful heating solutions. A few of our radiators and accessories would work perfectly in the industrial style and would complement any room, whether fully committing to the look or just adding some touches. Our raw metal radiators are a stylish but classic solution to attractive but practical home heating. They come in a variety of sizes and configurations, which work especially well in tighter spaces.


SiR-Industrial-Chic-Style - ColumnRadsStyle It Right - Industrial Chic Style Guide

Picture credit: @the_housethat_large_built


Why stop there? We have a fantastic range of designer valves to go with this style. With raw metal radiators being so versatile, you can choose from modern, traditional or vintage styled valves in a variety of finishes. If you’re looking for something a little different then we have a brand new valve for you. The Bentley Choice is the first of it's kind. With a customisable, changeable TRV head available in our most popular colours and finishes, the choice really is yours.


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