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Whether you are a trend setter or you're more interested in the classic look, it’s always good to keep an eye on what’s trending in the world of home decor and design. We're going to show you a few of the biggest trends of the year and how you can use these design ideas in your home. The good news is that you won't need to hire an interior designer, some of these home trends are DIY jobs that you can do yourself. It might feel like 2020 has been going on forever, but we still have 6 months left to inspire you with a new vibe.


Colours are the new neutrals


Traffic Orange vertical column radiator. Photo by @colourful_cookie


A bit of colour can add warmth, brightness, and personality to your living spaces. Not feeling brave enough to paint your walls sunshine yellow, then just adding a few accessories of your signature colour can really lift the atmosphere in a room. Firstly, decide what your accent should be. Warm colours like orange or red can make a real impact. It’s also okay to go for more muted tones like forest green or dusty pink. Colour doesn't have to be intimidating, it should lift your mood rather than cause anxiety. Luckily, Column Rads has the perfect accessory for any room that can insert a bit of colour with minimum disruption. This summer, we love the fresh look and feel of a fruity and citrus colour palette. A statement radiator with a few matching accessories can do wonders to a dull and dark space if you're looking for some decorating ideas.


Navy - Our Colour of the Year


Gun Metal Grey Radiator aginst dark blue wall. Photo by @thenewfrontwall


Dark coloured walls were once considered dingy and gothic. They were a complete departure from the light and airy spaces that we craved. However, in the last couple of years there has been a huge comeback in navy being used all over the house. Use dark walls paired with luxurious materials to create a more decadent look. As seen in our customer picture, it looks fantastic on an accent wall with contrasting colours to really bring out the blue. Our gun metal grey can blend in nicely against the dark blues. Another trend this year has been darker kitchen units. Navy has been a popular alternative, adding sophistication and real versatility. The beauty with navy is that so many colours compliment it so wonderfully, so the options are endless. This would also work well in an living room or dining room.


Classic Country


Flagstones, exposed beams and raw metal radiators. Photo by @storiesof_home


The final trend of 2020 that we love is the country chic look. If bright colours and jewel tones are not for you, then perhaps the warm and inviting rustic, boho look is more your thing. When it comes to kitchen design this is normally represented with natural materials. Pair warm wood tones, distressed furniture with large flagstones – but is really open to interpretation. Our raw metal, radiators look especially great in more rustic settings, where you can mix something new and old, but others such as cream, hammered gold and hammered volcanic radiators also go well with country style kitchen cabinets and counter tops.


As you can tell by our range, our radiators are extremely versatile and can be adapted to go with any home design trend or decor. These are just a few examples of popular design trends in 2020 and how to style them. For more inspiration, please visit our Instagram or Pinterest, and check out our full range here.