Towel rails have been around for a few years now and they serve a great purpose of not only heating the room but also dry and heat your towels. We have put together this handy buying guide to show you how to choose the right towel rail for your home.

The normal factors apply when considering size and the restrictions that you might have with the bathroom or even kitchen, utility room. Towel rails always increase in height more than width as this is the purpose to offer a solution with a limited width. Our revive towel rails come in 400, 500 and 600 wide. The height is far more flexible starting at 800 to 1800mm and obviously the more surface area you have the better the performance or output.

So first you need to select the finish, either white, chrome plated or one of our bespoke colours that can match you room. Then measure the area that you have, making sure that you have space to close doors and it is going to be easily accessible. Towel rails have the tappings on the bottom of the radiator so you would require inline valves or corner valves. This means that the total width is the size of the rail and you do not have to allow for the valves in the width, only the height.

At Column Rads we always suggest the biggest one you can get in as once it is covered with towels the output is greatly reduced. So please feel free to use our radiator calculator to check the output required and to bigger if you want as you can always use a thermostatic valve to control the heat.

The size is also down to the individual depending on if the radiator is a feature and if you colour match or contrast its surroundings then you can have a fantastic addition to a stylish designer bathroom.

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