Which Radiator designs for 2016 will Warm you?

So what will be hot in radiator designs for 2016?  With the changing styles in the home fashion market, we at Columnrads are always trying to adapt and change. We know what we are good at and this is column radiators.

The style, shape and look of column radiators are just something that will not go out of fashion.

Radiators designs for 2016What we to do in 2016 is add colours to the range that reflect what is happening within the home decoration market. There is a need for ever more interesting finishes on radiators and we have been at the fore front of the revolution. Take for example our market leading raw metal column radiators that have an industrial style and finish that looks absolutely fantastic.

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="150"]Hammered Gold finish Hammered Gold finish[/caption]

At the end of 2015 we also added Hammered Gold which is a textural finish that reacts to the light in the room and exposes a gold undercoat that looks amazing.

At Columnrads, we do not think that the market is going to be after hot new designs. It is going to be all about hot new colours and finishes. This is why we are investing in brand new finishes and offering custom colour quotes on what you want!

We can totally bespoke a radiator for you and deliver it with a two week period in most cases. If you choose one of the radiators from our Express range then they are in stock and ready for immediate delivery.

Coloures Towel RailsWe have also expanded the traditional towel rail with the option of any colour you want. This has become really popular because they are not as expensive as you think, And they add needed colour splashes to a bathroom.

With all things that we do it has got to be delivered in time at the right price and this is the cornerstone of Columnrads and why we do not offer more designer radiators.

In our opinion apart from Columnrads and towel radiators, designer radiators just do not work. They often do not give you good outputs, are difficult to stock, store and transport and leave you with a strange feeling of “is that it?”.

Multicolumn radiators are substantial, efficient, long lasting and timeless and something that we specilaise in so what is going to be for us in 2016? Definitely column radiators and definitely finding new ways to innovate and change a great radiator design that will be around for another 100 years.

So get your Colourful, hot radiator designs for 2016 from the people who know radiators, Columnrads UK.