The cost of heating for homeowners is constantly rising.  Choosing the right radiator plays a large role in how efficiently your home is heated.  For example, purchasing too large a unit for a room can drive costs up; too small a unit would either not heat the space enough or overwork itself causing future issues.  As a result, we aim to provide an intuitive experience for prospective customers.  You can find products based on a number variables including style and design, radiators by room, and other heating accessories.

Two of these categories include radiators meant for hallways and home office.  Hallways can be a tricky area to heat, considering the shape of most hallways, and they lead into other rooms that require heating.  Depending on how draughty your hallway can be, it might be prudent to go for a more powerful unit that could not only keep the hallway warm but also heat the rooms it leads into.  This option would help heat the entire house and save money on radiators in other rooms.  Considering most home offices are smaller than other rooms, a smaller heating unit is usually conducive to the heating situation.  Additionally, home offices should be presented in a certain light, forcing the purchase of a home office radiator to be more about aesthetics and design as opposed to efficiency.

Columnrads works with several leading brands such as:  Revive, Evolve, and The Gold Range to provide quality central heating items and cost-efficient accessories more than anybody in the industry.  For example, a hallway radiator from Revive currently goes for £21.79 (500h x 400h).  Less conventional and more powerful hallway radiators range in price though.  For a four column horizontal radiator (600h x 1180 w) made for hallway use from Revive is priced at £255.00.  Revive also has a number of great home office radiators such as the Express jet black two column vertical radiator for £255.00.

Explore the other types of radiators we offer such as compact radiators, coloured radiators, and towel rails.  Compact radiators are smaller units that come in three model types, single premium, double premium, and double de-luxe.  Coloured radiators are all about the how design of the radiator will affect the ambience of it's room.  Lastly, towel rails are specifically meant for bathroom use for the dual purpose of heating the room and warm, cozy towels – ideal for the winter months ahead. Find out how you can keep your hall warm and view products at