Customers tell us they need radiator pipe covers all the time.

Radiator pipe covers depend on how your radiator is piped. In most cases the pipes for any radiator come from the floor because of the design of our houses in the uk. In more modern buildings and flats you will find that the pipes will come from the wall as it is now common to have a solid concrete floor instead of a wooden one.

In all cases the visibility of the pipe work to the radiator can be a little off putting if you have a brand new radiator. The pipe work has also changed over the years and it has gone from lead and iron to steel,copper and plastic. The is no alternative to having a feed to a radiator as in all wet systems you need a flow and return.

There used to be single pipe systems but these have been pretty much replaced by a flow and return model and in the uk it is opposite ends of a radiator.

So the crunch of the matter is how do you cover up pipes going into a radiator if it does not fit your surrounding decoration. The pipework often goes in front of a skirting board which is also a nuance of building in the uk and not a feature that is common across the world.

This leads to decorators or homeowners just painting the pipes white or whatever colour best matches. Unfortunately with the advent of decorative valves and varying finishes of valves it has become increasingly more difficult to match radiator,pipework and valve.

Bentley black nickelThe advent of designer finishes like the Bentley antique brass thermostatic valve complete with lock shield has put demand on manufactures to create a complete solution. No-one wants to fit a luxury Bentley black nickel valve with a boring bit of old copper tube.

The solution has been provided by BiWorld controls that offer various finishes and lengths of tube that can be used instead of the upward leg of tube. These finishes match the valve and mean that you get a uniform consistent look and feel.

Radiator Pipe CobersThe radiator pipe tails the we stock and sell at columnrads have been uniquely sourced to match the huge range of valves. This also means you can get that finishing touch to any radiator whether it would be a towel rail, column radiator or panel convector.

Make sure you order the with you valves now!