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  1. Tips for using your radiator thermostats

    Tips for using your radiator thermostats

    Radiator thermostats and top tips for using them. Do you have radiator themostats ? Things have changed over the last few years in the heating industry and radiators have always been intrinsic to the heating system but the way we use them and control them is ever more important. Previously, big was best. This led to a massive over sizing...
  2. The different types of radiator valves and styles

    “What valves shall I use on my radiator?” This is a question that we always get asked at Columnrads because it is probably the last thought when purchasing a radiator and to be honest a few years ago there was just not that much choice. Nowadays there is a fantastic choice and it has really developed because customers have demanded...
  3. What radiator valves do I need?

    When choosing the right radiator to fit the right area or style the radiator valves often get overlooked. It is always a shame when we see a fantastic order for raw metal radiators and the customer has not chosen valves to match. This often means that the plumber is going to get the valves! Great if he is getting them...

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