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  1. How to keep your bathroom warm

    How to keep your bathroom warm

    Are you having trouble keeping your bathroom warm? We all want our bathroom warm, its where we wrap up the least! Life is all about being fast, quick and efficient! We do not have time for a bath anymore, so we shower. Is it because we are always late, or too tired from late night emails! Whatever the scenario in...
  2. How to achieve the Industrial Style at home

    How to achieve the Industrial Style at home

    Industrial style interior design is about proudly displaying architectural features others try to hide; this industrial style originated in the 1970’s when people seeking affordable, spacious, light filled accommodation turned to city centre warehouses and factories. These building were not designed to be lived in which created design problems for the new inhabitants. However, it was found that these buildings...
  3. Replacing a Panel Radiator with a Column Radiator

    Replacing a Panel Radiator with a Column Radiator

    Can I replace a panel radiator with a column radiator? The rise in popularity of the column radiator has meant that the choice of design has greatly increased for what was once a boring functional item. A radiators prime function is to emit heat and warm a room to the desired temperature. This temperature is governed by the function of...
  4. Best selling radiators

    Best selling radiators

    Columnrads – Our best selling radiators Multicolumn radiators or column rads for short are starting to become the best selling radiators and first choice in a lot of situations in the UK now. The normal panel or convector radiators are great and really do the job but if you are something a bit more substantial and cannot lose the rad...
  5. Control Your Heating - A How To Guide

    Control Your Heating - A How To Guide

    With the ever increasing pressure on making your homes and life in general more efficient and less wasteful it is no wonder that there is loads of noise around how to control your heating. Also the fact that heating your home is becoming more expensive and wasting energy does not help the environment, the ways to control your heating are...
  6. Compact Radiators For Rooms of all Sizes in the Home

    The Revive Compact Radiators Range Column Rads UK is pleased to announce that we are now stocking more Compact Radiators than ever and have increased our range of sizes in all three categories, Single Premium, Double Premium and Double Deluxe. Compact Radiators are the UK standard central heating radiator. They consist of a series of panels, with convectors behind each...

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