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  1. Tips for using your radiator thermostats

    Tips for using your radiator thermostats

    Radiator thermostats and top tips for using them. Do you have radiator themostats ? Things have changed over the last few years in the heating industry and radiators have always been intrinsic to the heating system but the way we use them and control them is ever more important. Previously, big was best. This led to a massive over sizing...
  2. Control Your Heating - A How To Guide

    Control Your Heating - A How To Guide

    With the ever increasing pressure on making your homes and life in general more efficient and less wasteful it is no wonder that there is loads of noise around how to control your heating. Also the fact that heating your home is becoming more expensive and wasting energy does not help the environment, the ways to control your heating are...
  3. Where to position a radiator in your room.

    Where to position a radiator in your room.

    There is no one perfect place for where to position a radiator in your room and it is really down to a few things that are governed by you and the things that you encounter on the job. Position your radiator where your style and space will allow. Firstly you need to decide where is the best place for you...
  4. Radiator problems

    Radiator problems

    There are quite a few things that can go wrong with rads in your house and not all of them will be pleasant but you have to get dirty to fix stuff yourselves otherwise get a plumber in a get it fixed properly. With all things a proper diagnosis is often the quickest route to fixing a problem. Radiators in...
  5. How to choose the right radiator for your house!

    With the advent of new and interesting designs of radiators we are not stuck to flat pieces of metal that get hot. The choices have become endless and then add in colours and finishes and you can pretty much get anything to match your own house and taste. So the radiators no longer are a necessary inconvenience but a complimentary...
  6. Heating The Cold Air Gaps of Hallways, Home Offices & Other Rooms

    The cost of heating for homeowners is constantly rising.  Choosing the right radiator plays a large role in how efficiently your home is heated.  For example, purchasing too large a unit for a room can drive costs up; too small a unit would either not heat the space enough or overwork itself causing future issues.  As a result, we aim...

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