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  1. How to choose the right size radiator for your bathroom

    How to choose the right size radiator for your bathroom

    The family bathroom has become intrinsic to any house in the UK now and with the advent of different furniture and ways to shower it is no wonder that heating this important room has changed as well. There is no point in spending thousands on your rain shower or roll top bath if you are freezing when you get out...
  2. How to paint a radiator

    How to paint a radiator

    How can one paint their radiator? This is a great question and something at Columnrads that we get asked quite a lot. We think it is fantastic that customers are trying to liven up a rad. Not so long ago, rads where all white and old ones are generally yellowish, dirty white - but now there is no limits to...
  3. Does powder coating risk radiator leaks?

    Does powder coating risk radiator leaks?

    Worried about Radiator Leaks? Are you considering having a radiator coloured and worried that powder coating will cause radiator leaks?  The failing of a radiator or radiator leaks when being installed is now definitely a thing of the past for any new radiator. All new radiators are factory tested to a very high tolerance and new testing processes secure its...
  4. Radiator Colour Samples

    Radiator Colour Samples

    Looking to try a splash of colour, but not sure? Radiator colour samples or metal swatches are a little strip of metal that we colour just for you and are posted out directly so you can get a feel for what works best. The internet is a fantastic tool to do any research and although at Columnrads we do not...
  5. Radiator Designs for 2016

    Radiator Designs for 2016

    Which Radiator designs for 2016 will Warm you? So what will be hot in radiator designs for 2016?  With the changing styles in the home fashion market, we at Columnrads are always trying to adapt and change. We know what we are good at and this is column radiators. The style, shape and look of column radiators are just something that...
  6. New Coloured Towel Radiators

    Here at Columnrads it is not all about column radiators we also offer a really good range of heated towel rails. They are available in white and chrome as standard and now we have extended the range with the option of the most popular colours available to buy online now. The heated towel radiator colours are Turquoise green , traffic...

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