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  1. How To Bleed A Heated Towel Rail

    Are you looking to bleed a heated towel rail? The addition of towel rails to a central heating system has been a real popular success because they not only look good, heat towel rails and provide adequate heat for most bathrooms they also allow the simple addition of inhibitor and make bleeding the system extremely easy. The radiator in the bathroom...
  2. How to bleed a radiator or towel radiator

    How to bleed a radiator or towel radiator

    Bleeding a radiator is a very simple task that can mean your radiators get hotter and make your central heating system work more efficiently. Excess air stops the radiators from working correctly and can mean that a radiator suffers from cold spots. It is not good to have air in a central heating system as this causes corrosion of the...
  3. Why is my Radiator making loud noises?

    Why is my Radiator making loud noises?

    What do you do if you have a  radiator making loud noises? Are you suffering from a radiator making loud noises? In most cases homeowners never really hear their heating system and generally take it for granted that it will come on and the rads will be hot. It all depends on the age of the system and the age...
  4. Radiator problems

    Radiator problems

    There are quite a few things that can go wrong with rads in your house and not all of them will be pleasant but you have to get dirty to fix stuff yourselves otherwise get a plumber in a get it fixed properly. With all things a proper diagnosis is often the quickest route to fixing a problem. Radiators in...

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