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  1. Contemporary Coloured Radiators for Summer

    Contemporary Coloured Radiators for Summer

    Bring Summer Home with Column Rads After months of rain, the sun is finally shining on the U.K. bringing some much-needed summer vibes. If you are feeling like you need to inject a little bit of joy into your surroundings then why not Bring Summer Home with our range of bright and beautiful column radiators. Create a tropical paradise at...
  2. The Power Of Yellow

    The Power Of Yellow

    The Power of Yellow We tend to have a day to celebrate everything these days and the colour yellow is no exception. Today (25th May), somewhere in the world, the colour yellow has its day and what a colour it is. Here at Column Rads, we love yellow and it's one of our most popular coloured rads. It’s bright and...
  3. Introducing the New, Customisable Bentley Choice TRV 

    Introducing the New, Customisable Bentley Choice TRV 

    Introducing the New Bentley Choice Thermostatic Radiator Valve In recent years, colour choice in radiator valves has remained relatively stagnant. Yes, we have seen an increase in availability in designer valves, but there has not been anything to customise to suit you. Valves are often an afterthought when choosing a radiator. However, they can completely change the look and feel...

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