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  1. How to Keep Your Bedroom Warm in Winter

    With the British winter months rapidly approaching, it is important for all homeowners to reevaluate their current heating products in their homes. One question that we're often asked is how to keep the bedrooms warm in winter. Replacing an older unit for a newer, more efficient unit is a great way to keep heating costs down during these months. With...
  2. How to bleed a radiator or towel radiator

    How to bleed a radiator or towel radiator

    Bleeding a radiator is a very simple task that can mean your radiators get hotter and make your central heating system work more efficiently. Excess air stops the radiators from working correctly and can mean that a radiator suffers from cold spots. It is not good to have air in a central heating system as this causes corrosion of the...
  3. How To Move a Radiator? Can I?

    How To Move a Radiator? Can I?

    How difficult will it be for me to move a radiator? A question we are often asked is "how to move a radiator" and one that relies on a number of factors to answer, such as the home's age and the location, such as whether it is on the ground floor or not. With the changing homeowner demographic and the...

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